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The new perlon collection.

Hello there, it’s John stopping by to tell you about what I’ve been thinking lately. Currently I’m writing this in a small city from the coast of Italy, being happy and thankful for 2018 and for the new year that is starting. This happiness has a connection with the company I started back in 2015.

On that year, I came out with a first watch collection, for the company John Late, which is an elegant series and goes by the name of the Legacy Series. These are watches that can be used for anyone from entrepreneurs to CEO’s as there are two options, one for him and for her. I am very proud of this collection that I have designed, as they have a very classic look and a modern ultra-sleek elegant case, if I say so myself.

So after some time of perfecting a new design, that would be appealing to our returning customers and the new ones, I am proud to present John Late’s new watch collection for him and for her that goes by the name of the Perlon Collection.

This new collection consist of a fashionable watch band that comes in different colors that are attractive for both him and her. They are made of very durable materials making the watch very trustable. The watches have been crafted and engineered to have an extremely comfortable watch strap while still having a high quality and luxury feel. The strap is very thin and fits every wrist thanks to the locking mechanism.

The perlon collection is also perfect for those people who love being in the outdoors as the Perlon Strap is very breathable but still being very elegant thanks to the combination of the different choices colors, the casing and the strap itself.

The case design is the same in all the collection but there are some differences in the characteristics depending if it’s for a woman or a man. For example, the width of the band in the watches for him is 20mm while for her is of 18mm. Also, the diameter of the case is 39mm for him and 36mm for her. Even though there is only one case design there are various choices for the finish and color combination of the watch. These small details are essential and is what makes a difference with the John Legacy watches.

It’s always good to remember that all the cases from both collections are made with hardened sapphire glass that works perfect against scratches, which is important specially for the watches that have black dials. It is also water resistance up to 5 ATM.