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I am John Late, you can call me Mr.Late. I’ve been interested in watches since I was born, about 30 years ago. I am a fictitious person, a gentleman who loves the beauty of life.

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Time is a gift.

Sometimes it passes by quickly. Sometimes slowly. There are brief periods when time happens all at once and other occasions when time seems to stand completely still. It can feel like time controls us. But, I like to think we have a say in the matter: how we spend it; what we make of it; who we share it with.

For me, that means surrounding myself with friends, family, and precious pieces that are resilient, functional, and enduring. Why? Because I understand the fragility of life, how valuable each moment is, and how fleeting my existence. It is passion and it is urgency.

 And I want to share it with the world. Our collection speaks to the wishers, the dreamers, and the explorers; it resonates with the entrepreneurs, the hard-workers and the independent thinkers; it inspires the thought leaders, the innovators, and the philosophers. So, I ask you, as a seeker of the most authentic life: How do you honor time?

John Late – Vintage Car

Time Is A Gift.

The Legacy series takes sophisticated charm to new heights.

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Time is now

Inspired by beauty The Amalfi coast magically situated between the blue sky and the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea. One of the most beautiful…
John Late
May 10, 2019

Now or never

Now or never The men’s Legacy series from John Late takes sophisticated charm to new heights. With its refined design, this watch features both classic…
John Late
June 23, 2018